DGS Newsletters from 1990 Digitized

All eight newsletters published by the DGS in 1990 have been digitized and are now publicly available on the Resources -> Newsletters page (direct links are also provided below). These are text-searchable PDF files.

We are actively seeking copies of older (and some newer) newsletters… if you have copies that you would be willing to make available for scanning please contact Webmaster Tony Hanson ( Send eMail ).

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1990 – 1994 Quarterly Journals Now Available

Part of the mission of the Dallas Genealogical Society is to preserve and publish information  related to the early history of Dallas County. One way we are fulfilling that mission is to digitize our publications and make them freely available on-line.

Last year we made our annual Journals published from 1995 through 2010 available on the University of North Texas Portal of Texas History.

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of 20 editions of the Dallas Quarterly, published by the DGS between 1990 and 1994. Each publication is available in a PDF file that is also fully text searchable.

All of our on-line Journals can be viewed by going to the Resources -> Journals page on our web site.

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Letot Family Cemetery Records Available

Chances are you did not know that there was a Letot Family cemetery in Dallas, and that there was also an Old Letot Family cemetery.

Fortunately for those who DO care, information about the 123 graves in these cemeteries is now available in our cemetery database. Records have been created from the first book that DGS published on cemeteries (Dallas County Texas: Genealogical Data from Early Cemeteries, Vol. 1, 1982),  supplemented by information from death certificates, the Dallas Morning News and other sources by DGS member Barbara Ware.

Direct links to pages with pictures and additional information are provided below.

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Cemetery Pictures Needed

Do you have a digital camera? Interested in Genealogy? Live in the Dallas area? We need your help!

We have quite a lot of information about cemeteries in the Dallas area, including a Google map that shows the location for each one. One of the things we like to add for each cemetery is a picture of the entrance to help those looking for it know what to look for (it isn’t always obvious!).

For more information about the project and how you can help see the Cemetery Pictures page in the Get Involved section of our web site. We just updated the list of cemeteries we need to have photographed.

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New Cemetery Records Added

DGS member Barbara Ware and her helpers have been busy so I am pleased to be able to announce the addition of 231 more records to our publicly available and searchable database. Records are now available for five more local cemeteries:

Each of the above links will take you to a page with historical and geographic information about each cemetery. In addition, the Marsh Family page has photographs of tombstones available, a feature we do not have on most of the other cemeteries.

With these additions we now have 24,290 records from 24 difference cemeteries in our database. See all of the records on our Dallas Area Cemeteries page.

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Research in East Tennessee

Do you do genealogical research in the early East Tennessee area?  Have you come across references to King’s Mountain and the Lost State of Franklin and want to know more? PBS is highlighting a new video by Buck Kahler called The Mysterious Lost State of Franklin.

The description of the video, taken from the website at www.pbs.org/loststate, notes that The Mysterious lost State of Franklin was, “Filmed at several historic locations in East Tennessee, this narrative is told through scholarly interviews and painstakingly researched reenactments set to a backdrop of lush Tennessee scenery. The result is a landmark work that has set a new standard in the visual restoration of Tennessee’s grand historical oral tradition.”

Information about the State of Franklin can be found at www.pbs.org/loststate.  Information about televsion show times of this video on our local television station KERA World (station 13.2) can be found at http://www.kera.org/tv/schedule/.

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Records Added

The Dallas Public library has added 58 new documents to their extensive Genealogical holdings… search our database of all recent acquistions at Resources -> Dallas Public Library -> Recent Acquistions

581 new records from sections 40 and 41 of Oakland Cemetery have been added to our database. Search all 24,059 records from 20 difference cemeteries at at Resources –Cemeteries -> Search Database


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History of Medicine in Dallas

The following may be of interest to genealogists researching Dallas County, Texas history.  The library website at UT Southwestern Medical Center has a page dedicated to the history of medicine.   It includes links to (1) a collection of  more than 500 images illustrating the history of medicine in Dallas, (2) 60 choice photos arranged in chronological order that provide a photographic history of medical highlights in Dallas, (3) a description of books dealing with medical history housed at the UT Southwestern library, (4) a link to a 1951 thesis written by Marie Louise Giles titled The Early History of Medicine in Dallas,  1841-1900, (5) information on a collection of historically important medical journals at the UT Southwestern library, (6) information of files with clippings on Dallas and Texas medical history at the UT Southwestern Library (7) and a link to the online Texas Physicians Historical Biographical Database developed by the staff at the UT Southwestern library.

Link to The Early History of Medicine in Dallas,  1841-1900

Link to UT Southwestern’s library’s History of Medicine website with old pictures and on-line physician database:


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DGS Summer Institute Early Bird Registration Ends June 24.

Early registration for the DGS Summer Institute ends today, Sunday, June 24th at midnight: $140 for members, $170 for non-members.  After the 24th, the price increases to $190 for DGS members and $220 for non-members.

Title: Finding My Way Home: Methodology, Records and the Old South.   Lecturers: J. Mark Lowe and Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck. Date: July 13th and 14th. Location: J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, Dallas, Texas.

Link to this page on our web site for details:  Summer Institute.

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DGS Summer Institute

On July 13 and 14, DGS proudly presents J. Mark Lowe in a seminar titled “Finding My Way Home: Methodology, Records and the Old South”. Mark will be joined by Lloyd Bockstruck, recognized author, writer, lecturer and leader in the genealogical community, who will be featured in 2 of the 8 presentations.

Mark’s Topics:

  • Balancing on North Carolina – Understanding the geographical and migration patterns can improve your success with N.C. research. Learn about locating records, repositories and the resources you need to find a tarheel ancestor.
  • Cheap Land on the Prairie (or That’s What the Railroad Man Said …) – What stories and marketing efforts lured our ancestors to the midwest and beyond. Learn what really attracted these pioneers to new lands.
  • Dower, Dowry, and Detinue: Women and their Men’s Property – Understanding how the legal system looked at our female ancestors is essential to following their records. Learn the terminology, the record types and strategies for finding the answers.
  • Here Comes the Bride: Extracting More Information from a Marriage Record – Examining a variety of marriage records may improve our chances of learning even more about our ancestors. Learn the different type of records and where you might find an unrecorded marriage.
  • Peeking Behind the Scenes of the Tennessee State Library & Archives – Learn about the wonderful records that exist for genealogists researching Tennessee in the state’s largest research facility. Discover tools to accomplish long-distance research and learn to develop a plan to solve your most difficult Tennessee problems.
  • Using that Brick Wall as a Foundation – Feel like you are at a dead end? By reviewing our research, and taking a fresh approach, we can often see new opportunities for finding our family. Use the very evidence that stops you in your tracks to spring over the wall.

Lloyd’s topics TBA

Please visit the Dallas Genealogical Society’s web site for cost and registration details:  DGS Summer Institute

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