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Discussion about genealogy topics related to using the Macintosh platform, Reunion and other Mac genealogy software, Mac devices (iPhone, iPad) and Mac apps.

Record Their Stories

You may want to check into this new iPhone/iPad/iPod app before you travel for the holidays.  It allows you to plan, script, and record an interview with family members. It is so new that there are no reviews yet on … Continue reading

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Dennis Ritchie, father of Unix and C, dies

Dennis Ritchie died last week. While all the world knew and admired Steve Jobs the death of Dennis has gone by largely un-noticed. That should not be. Dennis was part of the small group of visionaries at AT&T Bell labs … Continue reading

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Macintosh OS and Genealogy

There are a growing number of Macintosh users in the genealogy world.  The two most common Mac OS genealogy programs are Reunion and MacFamilyTree.  Recently Family Tree Maker was added back to the Mac world.  iPhones and iPads are other … Continue reading

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