Dallas Observer Blog Article Highlights Poor Library Funding

The headline sums up the sad state of affairs ‘Dallas Has “Most Poorly Funded Public Library in the United States,” Advocates Say’.

To quote a bit more:

“Their case is a simple one. Dallas, whether you compare it with local suburbs or peer cities nationwide, is stiffing its libraries.

“The main downtown library here is open a mere 40 hours per week. That’s last among suburbs and large Texas cities, fewer than at the central library Carrollton, Colleyville and University Park (45 hours per week); DeSoto, Duncanville, Forth Worth (sic), and Houston (50-plus); and Arlington, Frisco, Garland, Richardson and San Antonio (60-plus), to name a few.

“Dallas also fares poorly when measured by library funding, both as a percentage of its annual budget and per capita.”

Read the entire article (published on-line at http://blogs.dallasobserver.com) by clicking here…

Please let your elected representatives know if you support increasing funding for the library… Find your City Council Member here.

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