Brown-Davis Bible

The following inquiry has been received from John Fellows ( to the Davis Rootsweb Listserv.

I have a very old bible that I will give to someone that can make a connection to the following information.
The first Page of the bible says J.F. (T. ?)  Brown Married Mary Davis , March 10, 1871.
Emma Brown Married Burt Hatcher March 2 , 1911
Willie Brown Married ( Looks Like ) John Griffin July 11, 1915.

Last page says deaths:

Lucy Brown died September 7, 1873

E or L ittie Brown died August 18, 1888
Edward Brown died May 30, 1876
Sallie Brown died February 9, 1900
W. A. Brown died January 30, 1900
Jessie died October 10, 1901
James November 10, 1906

The bible came from Kansas to Texas.
Before that it could have been in Illinois, Indiana or Ohio. I really don’t know where it really lived.

I have tried to handle the bible very carefully. If I was over a 100, I would want someone to be very gentle with me. I have not been able to find any other information in the bible.



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