DGS Summer Institute

On July 13 and 14, DGS proudly presents J. Mark Lowe in a seminar titled “Finding My Way Home: Methodology, Records and the Old South”. Mark will be joined by Lloyd Bockstruck, recognized author, writer, lecturer and leader in the genealogical community, who will be featured in 2 of the 8 presentations.

Mark’s Topics:

  • Balancing on North Carolina – Understanding the geographical and migration patterns can improve your success with N.C. research. Learn about locating records, repositories and the resources you need to find a tarheel ancestor.
  • Cheap Land on the Prairie (or That’s What the Railroad Man Said …) – What stories and marketing efforts lured our ancestors to the midwest and beyond. Learn what really attracted these pioneers to new lands.
  • Dower, Dowry, and Detinue: Women and their Men’s Property – Understanding how the legal system looked at our female ancestors is essential to following their records. Learn the terminology, the record types and strategies for finding the answers.
  • Here Comes the Bride: Extracting More Information from a Marriage Record – Examining a variety of marriage records may improve our chances of learning even more about our ancestors. Learn the different type of records and where you might find an unrecorded marriage.
  • Peeking Behind the Scenes of the Tennessee State Library & Archives – Learn about the wonderful records that exist for genealogists researching Tennessee in the state’s largest research facility. Discover tools to accomplish long-distance research and learn to develop a plan to solve your most difficult Tennessee problems.
  • Using that Brick Wall as a Foundation – Feel like you are at a dead end? By reviewing our research, and taking a fresh approach, we can often see new opportunities for finding our family. Use the very evidence that stops you in your tracks to spring over the wall.

Lloyd’s topics TBA

Please visit the Dallas Genealogical Society’s web site for cost and registration details:  DGS Summer Institute

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