1940 Census

Let’s talk about the 1940 census.  The talk might follow two threads: (1) indexing the census and (2) finding individuals in the 1940 census.

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  1. Tony Hanson says:

    I created another post under the catgory of ‘1940 US Census Indexing’ so we can have a seperate thread for the Indexing discussion and use this thread for the discussion about searching.

  2. Tony Hanson says:

    The best trick I have learned so far was to adjust the highlights… this aligns the highlighted area that shows the field you are typing with the form. To to this, go to the View menu and select ‘Adjust Highlights’.

    Then move your mouse down into the area of the form that contains the data to be entered: a red outline should appear. Drag each corner of the outline so that it is directly over the correct areas of the form (you can, and should, adjust all 4 corners).

    Click on ‘Adjust Highlights’ on the View menu again to make the red outline go away.

    Now the highlighted area should appear in the appropriate area of the form!

  3. DGS IT Manager says:

    Finding individuals in the 1940 Census.
    What hints or questions do you have about how to find or how you have found individuals in the 1940 census?

    • Nancy Carter says:

      How do I find the ED for the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, near the Marsalis Zoo?

      • Carolyn Davis says:

        Copy/paste this long URL in your browser window to go to this index on the National Archives web site. You will see a “Search by” box in which you fill in the state, county, city, street. Be sure the radio button “By Location” is marked, not the one labeled “Enumeration Districts”. In the Street drop-down box, find the name of the street in Oak Cliff that you want – Marsalis Ave., for example. Click Search. This will present you with the EDs that include Marsalis. Click on the box titled “Maps” to see a map with the EDs overlaid on the street map.

        To further narrow your search, look for the search box – “Add a Cross-Street”. If you know a cross-street to your original street, this will be a great help to you.

        Once you have found the correct enumeration district, click on the box titled “Census Schedules” to pull up the image of the Census record for that ED.

        If you are lucky enough to know the Enumeration District that the person lived in for the 1930 Census and that person still lived there in 1940, you can use this link – http://1940census.archives.gov/getting-started/ – and click on “Convert 1930 ED to 1940 ED”.

  4. DGS IT Manager says:

    1940 Census Indexing.
    DGS is a partner society for the 1940 census indexing project. To join the DGS group of indexers, read the instructions on the DGS webpage. While getting the Texas census online is a goal, you don’t have to limit yourself to indexing Texas to be a part of the DGS group.

    So those of you who have started indexing… do you have hints, helps, or questions?

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