The Visionary Mr. Verkler

Thursday’s keynote address was another one to remember… Jay Verkler (former CEO of Family Search and probably the single person most responsible for the existence of the RootsTech conference) was, as always, informative, fascinating and thought provoking. His talk focused on the world as it will exist in the year 2060, and how our vision of how things might be should be used to influence what we do today.

That served as a nice lead-in for a mind blowing demonstration by Google. They (Google) had a few people at last year’s RootsTech and they walked away wondering why Google wasn’t doing more to improve their search capabilities for the Genealogical community. And then they did something about it.

Their demo showed the potential for an emerging Microdata standard that probably will revolutionize how we search for genealogical information. They also demonstrated a soon to be released add-on for their Chrome browser that will take great advantage of web data that incorporates the Microdata mark-up tools.

The demo also showed the amazing influence this conference has already had in its short life. I can’t help but wonder what spark of imagination this years conference has ignited…

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  1. Carolyn Davis says:

    Is Mr. Verkler’s keynote still available on RootsTech web site or maybe Youtube?

    I listened to one of the streamed presentations hosted by Ancestry on Friday afternoon – “Google’s Toolbar and Genealogy”. The presenter was both a Google employee and genealogist so Google does seem to have caught on to the market that family historians present to them.

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