Society Online Intellectual Property Ownership

Does your society own all of the intellectual property contained on your website? How do you know?

When your society publishes a book, there usually is no doubt about intellectual property ownership.  But who owns the rights to the Surname Registry on your web site? What about the program written to provide access to your cemetery records? If your webmaster resigned from your society today, could s/he demand that you stop using code they developed?

As societies increasingly expand their on-line presence it is vital that these concerns be addressed. Members of the Dallas Genealogical Society can rest easy knowing that a formal agreement exists between their Webmaster and the Board of Directors.

In the interest of helping to raise this as an area of concern that should be considered by other societies, the DGS is making a copy of their generic agreement publicly available (View it by clicking here) and granting permission for others to use it as starting point for their own document.

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