Record Their Stories

You may want to check into this new iPhone/iPad/iPod app before you travel for the holidays.  It allows you to plan, script, and record an interview with family members.

It is so new that there are no reviews yet on the iTunes App Store, but it looks very promising.  I have not yet tested it, but will update this blog post when I do.

From the publisher’s web page:

When you open the app and enter the names of the participants, you’ll find our ‘Questions List’ page.  You can write your own list of questions or select from over a hundred suggestions. Once you’re happy with your questions list, you can access the microphone and begin your recording.  At any time during your recording you can press the question mark to see your list and remind yourself of all the things you wanted to ask.  Once it’s all recorded you can go to our simple Edit page to trim your recording or add to it if you wish.

Will be interested to learn if anyone tries it out at family get-togethers.

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