Social Media and Genealogy

I posed this question at our November Tech SIG meeting and would like to pursue it further.  So far I have been doing my family history research pretty much as a loner; my immediate family is small and I have exhausted them as a resource.

I have not yet tried to find extended family members who can to add to my findings, used internet sites to find others who are researching the same family names, or posted my tree to public sites to see who responds, for example. and the public trees on were suggested as resources.  I would like to hear about your success stories/experiences using these two sites and learn about others that I don’t know about.

What techniques have been successful for you as you have tried to find family connections on the internet?

Do any of you use Facebook to find family connections or is it more helpful for keeping in contact once you have names from other sources?

I guess that I am hesitant to dip my toes in the water and would like to hear how social media has worked for others.  Many thanks for your contributions.

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  1. Tony Hanson says:

    I have had some success posting to RootsWeb mailing lists. There are more than 32,000 of them covering Surnames, Locations and a variety of other topics. The main URL ( ) lists all the main categories.

    Just bear in mind that there are lists and there are lists… some are very active and others, well, not so much. The interesting thing about them is that all of the messages are archived so while you certainly hope that somebody will get right back to you your email is a bit like a message in a bottle…. you never know when somebody in the future will discover it.

    • Carolyn Davis says:

      I wanted to update my blog post about the use of social media. I dipped my toes in the water a couple of different ways.

      I posted my tree (private for now) to Ancestry; I have not had any inquiries yet, but hopefully I will. In searching for information about one of my great grandmothers on this site, I focused my attention on results from Family Trees and one tree in particular caught my eye. I contacted the owner of the tree through Ancestry’s message system. Long story short – our maternal grandmothers were sisters, daughters of the great grandmother that I was looking for. The sisters were raised by their grandparents after their mother divorced their father. We are in the process of exchanging emails and sharing information. I can’t wait to dig into this revelation!

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