Move Technology SIG Meeting to Saturday?

I would like to hear from anybody with an opinion on the idea of moving the Technology SIG meetings from Thursday nights to Saturday. I think that this might allow more people to participate. It could also give us a little more time for the meeting. We’ll discuss this more at the meeting on March 3 (Topic: The FamilySearch indexing project presented by Carolyn Davis).

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3 Responses to Move Technology SIG Meeting to Saturday?

  1. Pat Miller says:

    When the monthly society meeting moved to Saturday it made it almost impossible for me to attend. If you move the rest to Saturday then I might as well withdraw my membership.

  2. Carolyn Davis says:

    I understand Barbara’s comment. If we were to move it to Saturday, I would prefer the morning because it would be less disruptive to the day. Others cannot make it on Saturday mornings, however; so I guess there is no good time for everyone. I will continue to attend whatever we decide!

  3. Barbara Ware says:

    With DGS meeting on Saturday every month and Mac Gen SIG on every other month, I really prefer to continue with a week night for Tech SIG.

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