RearView RootsTech

It is hard to believe that RootsTech is over… just one week ago I was nervously waiting to begin my presentation. A small but energized group of us spent the hour focused on my views of the requirements for a successful web site for a genealogical society.  My conclusions?

  • Web content needs to be generated by society members
  • Good security is vital
  • The web must provide value to members and non-members
  • It must contribute in a meaningful way to the success of the society
  • However it is implemented, it must be capable of being supported by volunteers

I also unveiled a Family Search Wiki page I created that is dedicated to resources and materials of interest to the genealogical society web master. My hope is that those of us working in the technical arena will use this as a vehicle to pool our collective knowledge to create a living and valuable resource for others to use.

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