The Un-Conference

RootsTech RegistrationOne feature of RootsTech was the Un-Conference…. several rooms were reserved for this purpose. Anybody could use the white board located near the registration area to reserve a room for any topic they cared to discuss. The rest of us were free to drop in if we were interested.

One session in particular deserves special mention… On Friday afternoon I sat in on a session described as “Societies and Technology” scheduled and hosted by Jay Verkler. If that name sounds familiar it should… he is the CEO of FamilySearch International and the guy generally credited with¬†creating the¬†RootsTech conference.

It was kind of unreal to be sitting in a room with 20 other society members talking to Jay while he scribbled notes on a whiteboard and teased out ideas for how FamilySearch could better support Genealogical Societies.

I got to see a lot of him at the conference, and every interaction left me more inpressed by his knowledge, dedication and his character. He is one amazing individual.

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