Genealogy Blogs: Impact and Influence in the Genealolgical Community

This was another panel discussion let by Thomas MacEntee (he is really good at these!).  The focus was on the panel members experiences establishing their blogs and the impact that they believe the they have in the industry.

Thomas has a web site ( GENEABLOGGERS ) that lists 1700 genealogy blogs. From this site you can search through posts from all of the blogs for specific keywords (a surname, for example).  The web site has a “Suggest A Blog” link if you want to recommend one to be added to his list.

 Several other things that were mentioned caught my attention:

  • If you are looking for a domain name the panel recommended looking at and
  • They discussed affiliate links…. these are links placed on your page that provide you revenue if somebody clicks on them and purchases something. Sounds like a good revenue tool for societies
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