Self Publishing for Genealogists and Genealogical Societies

This was very informative panel discussion led by Thomas MacEntee (see his GENEABLOGGERS web site for links and additional information).

My take-away was that it has become relatively easy to make documents available on a print on demand basis. This is something that all societies shold look into as a vehicle for making information information to those who prefer a paper copy.

The panel concensus seemed to be that one of the leading providers was Lulu. All you need to provide is your document (MicroSoft Word is probably the best format). You upload it, select your options (type of paper, binding options, cover, etc…) and they will give you a per copy price. Once you finalize the deal people deal directly with Lulu to order and pay for their documents, and you get the royalties (how much depends on the price you set).

For magazines (and newsletters?) the panel recommended MagCloud.

I also learned a new buzzword: Freemium – free publications made available as ‘teasers’ to entice people to purchase other materials you have for sale.

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