Tweet Your Ancestors?

Attended a good session presented by Patricia Can Skaik titled ‘Tweet Your Ancestors: Socia Media for Genealogists’ that discussed four interesting and useful web based applications. I cannot begin to cover all the features and capabilities here, but here is a brief summary of my thought on each one. Follow the links provided for each for more details.

  • is kind of an on-line rolodex. It is a great way to stay connected to people because one of its core functionalities is to help users keep their contact information up to date. Patricia also demonstrated some interesting ways to use the Relationship Chart function to make connections. I’m definately going to look more into this.
  • – Patricia used a High School of Family Reunion metaphor to describe Facebook: You can say just about anything you want to here. 400 Million users command at least some attention from everybody (Geneanlogist included) because you just never know who (or what) you are going to find.
  • – I had not spent much time on Flickr, but what really struck me during the presentation was the suggestion that this is the PERFECT place to steer people who approach me and ask ‘I have all these pictures from my family… what should I do with them?’. Flickr can become every family’s personal family archive.
  • – Twitter is the fastest growing social networking tool yet. Uses for it are being invented every day. One cool application for events like RootsTech is the use of Hash Tags: put the events tag ( #rootstech ) in your tweet and it becomes discoverable by anybody following the event. 
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