Not yesterday’s genealogy conference

RootsTech AttendeesRootstech, on first impression, is daunting and impressive. It’s big, really BIG. We hear from a rootstech worker there are over 3,000 people registered. I haven’t seen a setup like this at a conference since I attended corporate events: the keynote speaker on one huge stage and 4 big screens on the wngs of one very large room that holds all those 3,000 people. (Sandra Crowley will be speaking from that stage this afternoon. Go Sandra!)

BTW: Rootstech will be February 2-4 in 2012 in Salt Lake City.

More real content later . . .

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  1. I loved your class on websites for genealogy associations. I don’t belong to an association per se, but I volunteer at a FH Center nearby. Our director wants to have more of an online presence so I took your class. Very nice. It explained more of The Cloud to me. I have that little blog, hoping that some relative from across the ocean might be looking for their relatives here and will find me by googling James Madison Bruce.
    It was a great conference to be there with the tech people and genealogy folks too. Much of it was way over my head and I’m recovering today. Thanks for the class. AW

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