Need a Windows 7 – FTM 11 Expert

I recently upgraded my 32 bit PC with Windows XP program. I also ran my FTM 2010 Genealogy Progam on this computer.

My new computer is 64 AND ….. and I have intalled FTM 11 on the computer.

All of my old FTM files came across ok, but each file needs to be opened in the old format which immediately begins a reformating sequence. I’m ok at this point.

Issue 1 – All of The media files for a given individual are not in place. Some show some do not.

Issue 2 – I am not clear on the process of backing up a given file.

Issue 3-  I need some tutorial assistance in creating libraries.  I understand that the The handbook for FTM 11 will not be out for some time.

I need someone who is familiar with Windows 7 and FTM 11 to assist me.

If interested, please contact me by e-mail    or by phone     972-377-3468.

Advise me as to your hourly rate and availability.  I am retired and have a flexible schedule.

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