About Blogs…

The topic for the October 7 Technology SIG meetingĀ (6:30, 3rd Floor Studio room) will be Blogs. I’ll provide a basic overview, we’ll see some of the popular Genealogy-related Blogs, you will learn how to subscribe to them, and then you will see how easy it is to set up your own Blog.

My goal for this SIG is to provide you with real world resources and skills to use the technologies we discuss. One of the things I plan to do for each topic is to create a web resource page that contains additional information on each topic. I have started one for blogs, and there is a link to the Google Tools document created by Barbara Ware for the August and September presentations. You can find them on the Technoligy SIG home page.

Our November 4 presentation will be made by genealogist and researcher Kathleen Murray: the topic will be ‘Personal Archiving’.

The December 2 presentation will focus on Wiki’s.

Tony Hanson

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