Proposed Bylaw Changes

The President’s Column in the current issue of our Newsletter discusses the rationale behind the proposed changes to our Bylaws.  I would like to add a personal comment to the discussion.

I was elected Secretary for 2010 just a few months after joining DGS.  I was very glad to allow my name to be nominated and looked forward to contributing to the Society.  What I didn’t totally appreciate, however, was the learning curve.  I had never served as secretary of an organization before so I didn’t know how much there was to know, if that makes sense.  The first couple of months were a little bewildering – I wanted to do a good job, but wasn’t really sure what a good job consisted of.  I had copies of the Bylaws and Operations Manual and advice from our President, all of which were valuable, but a mentor would definitely have helped to ease the transition.

Changing DGS’s operations year to a September-August cycle is, from my point of view, an excellent idea.  Being able to work with the outgoing Secretary for three months before taking full responsibility for the position would have helped me “hit the ground running” instead of my taking those first, hesitant baby-steps.

I ask the membership to consider fully the need to make these Bylaw changes.

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