Records Preservation and Access Committee

This morning I attended the session given by the Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC) of the FGS. The presenters were Fred Moss who is one of the state liasons for Texas and David Rencher who is the chairman of RPAC.  I was very impressed with the work the committee has done on ensuring proper access to vital records, on means to effect legislation, and on supporting strong records preservation policies and practices. They have a blog at in which they try to keep the genealogical community informed of issues dealing with record access and preservation.  They have offered invaluable advice and assistance on the problems DGS and the larger genealogical community will face with the proposed budget cuts at the Central Library. It is gratifying to see the work and effort that this organization has done to protect the records which all genealogists (not to mention historians and social scientists) use in their research.

Janet Khashab

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