Focus Group for Presidents of Genealogical Societies

The final session I attended was a focus group for Presidents of genealogical societies.  The group was appalled when I informed them of the dire consequences facing the Genealogy Department of the Dallas Central LIbrary if the proposed budget cuts are approved by the city council.  There was also a very interesting discussion on how to encourage younger people to have an interest of genealogy.  Several presidents talked about  programs they had implemented or sponsored and I think DGS could use some of them.

I’ll give more details at our September general meeting.

Janet Khashab

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One Response to Focus Group for Presidents of Genealogical Societies

  1. Carolyn Davis says:

    If genealogical societies are to survive, we need to capture the interest of young people.
    It is important to match our marketing, publicity, and programming activities with their view of the world. I see the urgency; I wish I had some answers. Perhaps some of our members with marketing/PR skills can help us.

    I look forward to your report at the the September General Meeting.

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