Family Search Wiki

There is so much to learn about genealogy, and the more I learn the more I realize how little I actually do know. And while I am admitting faults here, my short term memory is not exactly great (and it is not getting any better). So over the years I have created (and discarded) a variety of ways to catalog and save information. And that is why I am so excited to discover the Family Search Wiki.

What is a Wiki? It is a web site with content that can be changed by just about anybody. Wikipedia is probably the best known example of a Wiki.

On the surface this idea seems a little crazy… content created by anybody? How can that be trusted?

Based on the admittedly limited amount of checking I have done on the Family Search site it appears that maybe you can trust what you find. Each page has one or more people who are notified whenever content is added, deleted or changed, and they act as guardians over the information. It is not a perfect system but in this application it seems to be working fairly well.

Don’t just take my word for it: go see for yourself. Start at and Select Learn at the top of the page. Type something in the Search: box and press the Enter key to see what is available. Or click on Share what you know to learn how to add your own content.

Tony Hanson

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