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I like blogs because of the immediacy of it all… I type a little and click on ‘publish’ and whatever I write is out there now for anybody to read and comment on. I think I am going to like the Family Search Forum even more.

The Family Search Forum is a relatively new idea. It is much like a blog except for the fact that each thread (or topic) is made up of a series of posts – questions and answers and more questions and answers all related to a specific topic, all of it available for all the world to see.

Although its primary purpose is to provide a forum for the 50,000+ Family History Consultants located throughout the world, it is being opened to the public. Still very much a work in progress it appears to have a lot of potential.

One exciting feature is the ability to create a Social Group to associate threads. For example, we could create a Dallas Genealogical Society group (or a North Texas Genealogy group) and use it for queries related to our part of the country. It would much the same way this blog does, only on a much larger scale.

Take a look yourself at . From there, select Learn, then select Forums: Ask Others

Tony Hanson

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2 Responses to FamilySearch Forums

  1. Kathleen Murray says:

    Thanks for the report. It’s great to get such immediate news from our members at FGS. The FH forums seem more like rootsweb lists than blogs – or am I missing something?

    • webmaster says:

      Thank you for your comment! It sounds like this forum is going to be kind of a cross between a rootsweb list and a blog… for example, I had to approve your comment before it was visible to everybody else. On the forum, it would appear (as would this response) without anybody having to approve it.

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