Welcome to an exciting new feature: News and Views

Techies may differentiate between a blog (short for web log) and an online forum, but I am using the terms interchangeably to describe this online discussion and interaction section of DGS’s web site.

I envision that this forum/blog will:

• Encourage readers to share their comments, views, and opinions

• Provide a medium for the Board to encourage comments, elicit feedback, and stimulate discussion among members

• Permit readers to share research tips, recommend sources and tools, and otherwise talk about the fascinating field of family history research which pulls us together

I confess that I am a novice at blogging myself, but together I believe that we can grow and expand this site into a meaningful communication tool for our organization.

News and Views is easy to use.  The most recent post is on the first page and at the end of it are the responses to that post.  You can also use the links on the right side of the page to view recent posts and comments to those posts. The posts are also organized into categories for easy browsing.  New categories will be added as our blog takes off.  All of the comments and posts will be archived monthly. In addition, a search box is provided in the upper right for you to zero in on a specific topic.

Happy blogging/foruming.  (If Sarah Palin can invent new words, so can I!)

Carolyn Davis, DGS Secretary

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