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Welcome to the blog portion of the Dallas Genealogical Society web site! This is a new feature for us, so please be patient while we figure out the best way to make this work.

The ‘Ask The Webmaster’ thread will be focused on web sites and their use by Genealogical societies. In particular, it will focus on this web site and this society, so I will be discussing issues and concerns dealing specifically with the Dallas Genealogical Society, and how they are (hopefully) addressed.

But from time to time I also intend to try to broaden the discussion a bit. I plan to discuss issues and concerns of interest other societies, and to include topics related to the art, science and philosophy of using and managing a web site for a Genealogical society.

Tony Hanson

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4 Responses to Ask The Webmaster

  1. Carolyn Davis says:

    If you are interested in hiring a professional family researcher to help you with your project, I can suggest the following sources to help you locate one:

    1. The Association of Professional Genealogists – In the left-hand pane of their home page is a box titled “Find a Researcher”. You can search by name, location, and research or geography specialty.

    2. – Click on the tab on their home page titled “Hire an Expert”. On this page you will find a link in the left-hand pane titled “Find an Expert”.

    3. Board for Certification of Genealogists – Click on “Find a Genealogist” in the upper left section of their home page.

    4. International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists – Click on the link “Find an AG Professional” in the upper left section of their home page.

  2. Barbara Ware says:

    There is an Eldridge Caswell Goheen, son of Thomas Goheen and Pheobe Utley on Rootsweb World Connect. Perhaps the individual who posted the information there can provide additional information. Use this link to search that site:

    Texas Death certificates 1890 to 1976 can be found by searching the following URL. Note that very few are before 1903.

    One of your initial steps should be to search census records for the time period that your ancestors are in Texas. You can to this at any library that has a subscription to or to HeritageQuest.

    The Civil War Soldier and Sailors System site lists both Union and Confederate soldiers and the units in which they served. URL:

  3. Tony Hanson says:

    Hopefully somebody with more knowledge that I have on this topic will reply. You may also want to consider posting something on one of the RootsWeb Texas Mailing Lists ( see ).

  4. Greg Davidson says:

    I don’t know if anyone can tell me how to proceed or not ? I recently found out after the Civil War one of my 2nd great grandads brothers ELDRIDGE C GOHEEN 3rd KY Cav.CSA refused to sign the oath of alegience and went to TX.We think he settled in the Dallas area.In a couple years or so the government pushed confederates to take the oath. He refused and went to MX.Settled south of Brownsville,TX.Family legend has it grandma and grandpa Goheen went to MX to visit several times and EC came back to KY for visits as well. Second question. Some of my FAUGHN,UTLEY family lived in the Dallas area and my 3rd great grandpa Davidsons brother THOMAS C DAVIDSON served in the Mexican War and lived south of Texarcana. I recently learned my grandpa Davidsons brother I never met WILLIAM C (Clayton) Davidson made his home in TX after World War 1. I think he died in the 70’s.You people probably think I am nuts trying to find my long lost Texan family with know idea where they lived.I probably am but the only stupid questions I know are the ones you dont ask. So as a platoon sargent of mine told us once “Be advised people,what you dont know your never gonna know unless you ask” So I’m askin.
    Thank you for any advise
    Greg Davidson
    Kings Battallion k.i.a. at Goliad from Paducah,KY I once saw the name of a Davidson on the monument at Refugio. And my wifes mother was a King and my wife thinks Cpt.King was related to her. I’m done now….Finally

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