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Year(s) Name 2015 – 2016 Todd DeDecker 2015 Tony Hanson 2014 Tony Hanson 2013 Tony Hanson 2012 Tony Hanson 2011 Tony Hanson 2010 Tony Hanson 2008 – 2009 Ed Kutz 2007 – 2008 Ed Kutz 2006 – 2007 Tresa Tatyrek/Ed

Cemeteries » Webb Chapel*

The following images are the work of Dan Babb (Copyright 2003 Dan Babb). All rights reserved. No claim to original U.S. government works. Permission has been granted to the Dallas Genealogical Society to post these materials to their web site

Cemeteries » Cumby-Webster-Bailey Cemetery

Cumby-Webster-Bailey Cemetery aka Jones-Bailey Cemetery LOCATION: The entry is south of the intersection of Fish Road and S. Belt Line Road ( View on Google Maps ).  The cemetery is visible from the street, but is fenced and locked. The

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Board Job Descriptions » IT Administrator/Database Coordinator

It appears that the position of Database Coordinator was created in 1998. In 2011 it was renamed IT Administrator. Name Start End Barbara Ware 09/05/2015 09/10/2016 Barbara Ware 09/01/2014 09/04/2015 Barbara Ware 09/01/2013 08/31/2014 Barbara Ware 09/01/2012 08/31/2013 Barbara Ware