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Year(s) Name 2017 – 2018 Susan Rainwater, webmasterTony Hansen, webmaster emeritus 2016 – 2017 Todd DeDecker 2015 – 2016 Todd DeDecker 2015 Tony Hanson 2014 Tony Hanson 2013 Tony Hanson 2012 Tony Hanson 2011 Tony Hanson 2010 Tony Hanson 2008

Cemeteries » Webb Chapel*

The following images are the work of Dan Babb (Copyright 2003 Dan Babb). All rights reserved. No claim to original U.S. government works. Permission has been granted to the Dallas Genealogical Society to post these materials to their web site

Cemeteries » Cumby-Webster-Bailey Cemetery

Cumby-Webster-Bailey Cemetery aka Jones-Bailey Cemetery LOCATION: The entry is south of the intersection of Fish Road and S. Belt Line Road ( View on Google Maps ).  The cemetery is visible from the street, but is fenced and locked. The

2017 Annual Awards

The 2017 Awards Banquet was held on December 9, 2017 in O’Hara Hall at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.

Donations to the Dallas Public Library

The Dallas Genealogical Society has a long history of donating funds, materials to the Genealogy Section of the Dallas Public Library. As of late 2017, the total value of the cash, books, and media provided directly to the library is $686,560.61.

2017 Heritage Preservation Award

Tony Hanson Tony was awarded the 2017 Heritage Preservation Award for his accomplishments in regard to preserving and making accessible publications of  the Dallas Genealogical Society. This page documents his work. DGS PUBLICATIONS In 2017 Tony’s 8 years of work