Donations to the Dallas Public Library

The Dallas Genealogical Society has a long history of donating funds, materials to the Genealogy Section of the Dallas Public Library. As of late 2017, the total value of the cash, books, and media provided directly to the library is $686,560.61.

2017 Heritage Preservation Award

Tony Hanson Tony was awarded the 2017 Heritage Preservation Award for his accomplishments in regard to preserving and making accessible publications of  the Dallas Genealogical Society. This page documents his work. DGS PUBLICATIONS In 2017 Tony’s 8 years of work

Other Publications » Dallas Public Library Genealogy Microfiche Index

  Title: Dallas Public Library Genealogy Microfiche Index Description: This on-line, searchable index catalogs nearly 3800 genealogy related Microfiche titles representing more than 16,000 individual sheets of microfiche housed at the Dallas Public Library. Included in the collection; ‘The Black

Dallas Public Library » Fiche Database

An online inventory of fiche acquired as part of this project is available for all fiche acquired is available: Search the Database Background & History In late 2008, some DGS members realized that we could “rent” microfiche from the Church

Records » Probate Records

The Dallas County Probate Records from 1850 to the early 1900’s are now digitized, indexed and available for viewing.