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LOCATION: North side of Simonds Road, 1/2 mile SW of Cloverhill; 1.4 miles W. of Hwy 175, SE Dallas County – View on Google Maps MAPS CO REFERENCE: 80B This cemetery was inventoried in June 1992 by DGS volunteers. There are

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In 2005, DGS celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of that celebration, we began a program designed to honor our ancestors and increase the resources available through the Dallas Public Library, Genealogy Section. Even though this project was started to

Who is Dr. Michael Lacopo?

Who is Dr. Michael Lacopo? He is the featured speaker at the Dallas Genealogical Society’s 2015 Fall Seminar. Born and raised in northern Indiana and surrounded by extended family always willing to tell tall tales, he took to genealogical research in 1980 to substantiate these family stories. Michael is now retired from his veterinary medical career in order to pursue genealogical research full-time as a profession.