Volunteer of the Year

The DGS Volunteer of the Year award is presented annually to a member who has generously volunteered time, expertise, talents, and abilities to the Society during the previous year to the extent to make that member stand out and draw attention.


Year Recipient
2014 Carolyn Davis
2013 Janet Khashab & Marianne Szabo
2012 Linda & Bob Lane
2011 Sandra Crowley
2010 Tony Hanson, Barbara Ware
2009 Jim and Pat Stone
2008 Jeri Steele
2007 Terri Bradshaw O’Neill
2006 Sharon A. Henry
2005 Tresa Tatyrek
2004 Alvin Harper
2003 Melvin E. Brewer
2002 Barbara Ware
2001 Suzan Younger
2000 Susan Powdrill
1999 Dorothy Nash Roberts
1997 Barbara Dossett
1997 L. Malcolm Basham
1996 Alan Miller
1995 Shirley Remnant Sloat, Desmond Walls Allen
1994 Robert H. Maybrier

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