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This service was created to provide users of this web site with a simple and safe mechanism to share information with other web site users. It allows you to enter a list of surnames you are researching, your email address and your web site and provides a secure mechanism for others to contact you.


One of the key feature of this sevice is that your email address will never be revealed. You must enter a valid email address to register (your initial password will be sent to that address), but email sent to you by fellow researchers will be composed and created using features of this service that keep your email address private. You can choose whether (or not) to respond back to the email message.


Summary of Features

  • View the list of Surnames - Provides a sorted list of registered surnames and some optional additional information. Also provides the name or the Researcher/Contact, an optional link to their web site and the ability to compose and send an email message to the contact.


  • Search the list of Surnames - This allows you to look for a specific surname. There are two search options:
    • Text - Looks for surnames that begin with the test you specify
    • Soundex - Converts the text you specify into its Soundex equivalent and searches for a soundex basee match


The following features are only available to members of the Dallas Genealogical Society.

  • Setup or modify my list of surnames and/or web sites - This is where you go to enter or modify your surname information. This is also where you can change your password.

    Note: To add a surname (or add another surname) click on the box labeled 'Add another Surname' and then click on the Update button.


  • Register so I can add my own surnames and/or web site - Start here if you are not yet a registered user of the Surname application. You will be asked to provide your email address: your initial passwork will emailed to that address. Once you have your passord, you can use the Modify my list of surnames and/or web site link to enter your surnames and other information


  • I forgot my password... Send it to my email address - If you have already registered but forgot your password just enter your email address here... your password will be sent to your email address

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