Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck Distinguished Service

The Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to the genealogical community on a national level. The first person to receive this award in 1994 was Lloyd and it was decided then that the award would bear his name.


Year Recipient
2014 Robert Scott Davis
2013 Helen Leary
2012 Gary Boyd Roberts
2011 Brent Holcomb
2010 Christine Rose
2009 Mic Barnette
2008 Joseph C. Anderson
2007 John Frederick Dorman
2006 No Award Presented
2005 Heather Williams
2004 John Wylie
2003 Marjorie Bays
2002 Pat Hatcher
2001 Tony Burroughs
2000 David Rencher
1999 Elizabeth Shown Mills
1998 John Philip Colletta
1997 George Schweitzer
1996 No Award Presented
1995 Desmond Walls Allen
1994 Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

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