Honored Ancestors

In 2005, DGS celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of that celebration, we began a program designed to honor our ancestors and increase the resources available through the Dallas Public Library, Genealogy Section. Even though this project was started to push the library over the 100,000 books goal, this program continues. Donate money or a needed book and We'll honor your ancestor with a bookplate and recognition on this website, and in the DGS Newsletter.


How It Works:

  • Donate online by logging into your online membership account and select donations. If you are not a member or have NOT set up an account click go to our Membership Registration page
  • If donating a book, check with the library staff in the genealogy section of the Dallas Public Library to verify that it needs the book
  • Bring book to the library and give to volunteer desk. Your ancestor will be recognized in the newsletter.
  • You can also view, print or download a pdf document describing the process.

With your permission, we will also place the ancestor's name on this site with a link to your e-mail address.


Books will contain a beautiful bookplate acknowledging your ancestor and gift.



Underscored names are linked to e-mail addresses if you wish to contact the submitter.


Tresa Tatyrek  honored her:

  • GG grandfather Cornelius Marion Massey born 1854  Washington Co, AR and died 1907 Madison Co, AR
  • GGGG grandfather Thomas Mathis, Jr. born 1775 Rockingham Co, NC and died 1847 Wilkes Co, NC

Mitch Mitchell  honored his:

  • GG grandmother Caroline Riebold born 1846 Orleans Parish, LA and died 1892 Iberia Parish, LA
  • GG grandfather William Kramer born 1838 Germany and died 1910 Iberia Parish, LA

Shirley Sloat  honored her:

  • GGGG grandfather Major Daniel Allen born 1766 PA? and died 1846 Delphi, Onondaga Co, NY
  • GGGG grandfather Deacon Isaiah Dean born 1752 Canaan, Litchfield Co, CT and died 1818 Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY

Barbara Ware  honored her:

  • Grandmother, Lelia Russell Hight, born 1885 in TX, died 1963 in TX
  • Grandfather, Robert Leslie Hight, born 1883 AX, died 1963 in TX
  • Great-Grandmother, Sarah Louisa Elizabeth Visage Ware, born 1846 in GA, died 1915 in TX
  • Great-Grandmother, Lydia Pardue Strode Russell, born 10 Mar 1867 in Collin Co, TX, died in Collin Co, TX
  • Great-Grandfather, Joseph Campbell Ware, born 11 Apr 1835 in Stewart Co, GA, died in Coleman Co, TX
  • Great-Grandfather, Robert Henry Williamson, born 4 June 1851 in Newton Co, MS, died 8 January 1914 in Bosque Co, TX
  • Great-Grandmother, Laura Clemens Williamson, born 5 June 1859  in AR, died 29 January 1943 in Ft. Worth, TX
  • Mother, Kathryn Hight Ware, born 27 May 1927 in McKinney, TX, died 8 July 1990 in Dallas, TX.

Patrick McKinney  honored his:

  • Father, Roald Yost McKinney, born 1912 in AR, died 1990 in AR
  • Mother, Clara Maxine Sturdivant, born 1920 in AR, died 1984 in AR

Susan Carney Morris (with a matching gift from her employer, Citigroup)  honored her:

  • Great-Grandfather, John Bartholomew Clute Dolsen, born 28 Oct 1847, died 10 May 1946

Jimmie L. Webb honored her:

  • Mother, Martha Washington Harbin McGowen, born 1919
  • Grandfather; William Monroe Harbin, born 1888 died 1985

Bobbie Hooser  honored her:

  • Mother, Marion Cavell Davis Fagg, born 29 Aug 1918, died 15 Jul 1997
  • Father, Robert Paul Armstrong, born 23 Apr 1920, died 22 Aug 1968
  • Maternal Grandmother, Bertha Demoss Davis, born 13 Dec 1881, died 8 Mar 1968
  • Maternal Grandfather, Thomas Merion Davis, born 26 Jul 1887, died 15 Jan 1944
  • Husbands Maternal Grandmother, Julia Ann Hudson, born 6 April 1892, died Nov 1976
  • Husbands Paternal Grandfather, Jonathon Wright Hooser, born 18 February 1888, died 18 April 1957
  • Husbands Paternal Grandfather, David Mance Dinkins, born 17 September 1880, died 20 August 1930
  • Husbands Paternal Grandmother, Eba Elizabeth Claiborne, born 15 July 1888, died 11 May 1955

Melvin Brewer honored his:

  • Mother, Effie Mae Waggoner born 1 June 1891 Fayetteville, TN, died 5 October 1957 Dallas, TX with book "Waggoners & Related Families of Middle Tennessee" by Mel Brewer.

Melissa Speed honored:

  • Friend, Michael Denaveant for remote genealogical assistance

Richard Bland honored:

  • Wife, Jeanette Bickley Bland

 John Wylie  honored his:

  • Great-Grandfather, William Moseley Wylie, born 2 April 1824 in Madison Co, NC, died 21 October 1904 in Ionia Co, MI with the "Tri County Montana Brand Book"
  • Great-Grandmother, Emina Ellis, born 20 November 1830 in Jefferson Co, NY, died 31 January 1916 Kent Co, MI with the book "Town Builders Stuhr Museum"

Barbara Wylie  honored her:

  • Grandfather, Ray Harrison Brixey, born 20 October 1893, Wright Co, MO, died 20 September St. Clair Co, MO with the book "Queen City of the Cimarron"
  • Father, George Harrison Brixey, born 14 October 1917 with the book " Brand Book Lewis & Clark County, Montana"

Marge Stockton  honored her:

  • Cousin, Genealogy Mentor, and dear friend, Julia Jan Moore Barroso Matlock, born 31 January 1932 in Galveston, TX, died 2 June 2004 in Brazos Co, TX
  • Paternal Grandmother, Sallie Lee Marshall Moore, born 2 March 1870 in Monroe Co, MS, died 31 December 1956, Ft. Worth, TX

 Linda Rattan Knowles:

  • In memory of Jule T. Rattan
  • In honor of Fred L. Rattan

Grover Livingston   honored his:

  • Mother, Rubye Frances Thomas Livingston, born 17 July 1913 in Cape Girardeau, MO, died 13 June 1999 in Kemp, TX

Jan Hatley Livingston  honored her:

  • Grandfather, James Alfred Miles Hart, born 24 July 1872 in Fannin Co, TX, died 1 November 1937 in Fannin Co, TX

Kathleen, Gaylon, James & Catherine Williams  honored their:

  • 2nd Great-Grandfather, James Wesley Williams, born 4 March 1842 in TX, died 20 May 1908 in Coleman, TX
  • Father, Michael Tuttle Musser, born 31 January 1942 in Williamsport, PA, died 16 July 2001 in Orange, TX

Mary Lawhorn Chapter DRT honored:

  • Citizen Ancestors of the Republic of Texas with Vol. III "Founders & Patriots of Republic of Texas"

Sue Ramsey Smith  honored her:

  • daughter in law's Grandmother, Maria Vojnik Jakub (Mary V. Jacobs), born 2 September 1908 in Slovakia, died 3 May 2005  in PA
  • Maternal Great Grandfather, Pvt. Thomas P. Boyett, born 10 August 1845 in Tyler Co, TX, died 1 May 1920 in Brazos Co, TX with the book Official Military Atlas of the Civil War
  • Maternal Great Grandfather, Pvt. Hailey S. Ramsey, born 6 October 1842 in Franklin Co, VA, died 25 March 1909 in Brazos Co, TX with the above book

Cliff & Henrietta Slagle honored:

  • Their good friend, Ruth MarDock

Sammie Lee honored her:

  • Husband, Thomas W. Lee, born 10 June 1944, died 23 May 1997

Dawn Williams Gore honored her:

  • Parents, Ernest Leroy Williams & Fay Ellington Williams

Jerry Don Gore honored his:

  • Parents, Robert Hilton Gore & Vera Shaver Gore


Alice Savoie Conklin  honored her:

  • Mother, Evelyn Wisenbaker Savoie, born 1925 with 4-volume set of Georgia Salzburgers and Allied Families by Pearl Gnann

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